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Controlling your fear when skydiving

It is totally normal to have a fear of jumping from an airplane. If you don’t have a slight fear then you might be a little crazy ha ha.

From the time you walk in the office we try to put your mind at ease about skydiving. All of our instructors are certified by the United States Parachute Association and have thousands of skydives. We love introducing people to our love for the sport of skydiving.

The only real bad part for new skydivers is when the door is the worst part of the whole day. As soon as you leave the plane everyone’s fear leaves. The anticipation of the skydive is much worst then the actual jump. We want you to relax and really enjoy the view of being above the earth in free fall. You can relax by knowing you are attached to a pro skydiver who has done this thousands of times. So when the door opens..take a deep breath and really live in the moment.

We hope to see you in the sky with us soon.

Skydive in Va Beach
Skydive in VA Beach


Skydiving Smiles in Virginia

The 2021 Skydiving Season is almost here. We officially open for Tandem Skydiving in Virginia on February 20th, and we will be open every day.

If you are thinking of making a skydive this year (and of course you should be), then you can reserve online here or you can call us at 866-553-2915. You want to make sure your schedule your week day jump at least a day before, and weekends a few days before – especially in the Summer when we are super busy. You can always call and see if we have room that day, because we sometimes have last-minute openings.

If you are looking to put a smile on your face in 2021 and get over last year’s vibe, then come skydiving with us! We would love to take you on a skydive and help find your smile. We are a close drive from Virginia Beach, Richmond, or Northern Virginia.

We hope to see you soon!

Skydiving Classes in Virginia

We are open everyday for skydiving in Virginia starting in Feb. We are closed for the winter in Dec and Jan but return for skydiving in Feb. You can make your reservation here, or by calling 866-553-2915.

One of the questions we get all the time is how long the training is to make your first skydive. Your first skydive will be a Tandem Skydive where you are directly attached to a certified instructor. Your first skydive we really want you to enjoy the jump and relax as much as possible. We will go over some details and show you how your skydive will go. From walking to the airplane all the way to landing. The key point we want to get over to our customers in the training is that you should relax, and just follow our instructions. All of our instructors have thousands of skydives, and we will make sure you have an adventure of a lifetime!

So make your reservation for your tandem skydive in VA, and let us show you the a different view of the world.