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Look like Top Gun while skydiving in Virginia

If you are going to jump from an airplane one time in your life, let's make it the BEST possible! You need not only the jump, but also the pics and video. The saying is if you don't have proof, did it really even happen? At No Limits Skydiving, we give everyone a jump suit for their skydive. Jumping from an airplane is great, but looking like a Top Gun Fighter Pilot while skydiving is even more awesome! We have jumpsuits to fit everyone who joins us. The jump suits will keep your clothes clean, plus it keeps your shirt from flying up during free-fall. The last thing that makes you look cool is having your shirt come up while falling 120 mph and exposing a bunch of skin. Wearing a jumpsuit fixes that, and also it just makes you look super cool! The 2022 season starts on Feb 19th, so come join us for your skydive adventure soon and…

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Skydiving Virginia Beach

Easter Weekend Skydiving in Virginia

We had a great weekend of skydiving all Easter Weekend. We had over 50 Tandem Skydives for the weekend. Many people were skydiving for their birthday along with a couple of other special reasons. A couple that recently got engaged came and made their tandem, along with another couple that was there to support them. The weather was perfect all weekend as Spring finally arrived in Virginia. If you are looking for an adventure after a long winter, come join us for a tandem skydive in VA soon!

Skydive in Va Beach
Skydive in VA Beach

Controlling your fear when skydiving

It is totally normal to have a fear of jumping from an airplane. If you don't have a slight fear, than you might be a little crazy - ha ha! From the time you walk in the office, we try to put your mind at ease about skydiving. All of our instructors are certified by the United States Parachute Association and have thousands of skydives. We love introducing people to our love for the sport of skydiving. The only real bad part for new skydivers is when the door opens. It is the worst part of the whole day. As soon as you leave the plane, everyone's fear leaves. The anticipation of the skydive is much worst then the actual jump. We want you to relax and really enjoy the view of being above the earth in free-fall. You can relax with the knowledge you are firmly attached to a pro skydiver who has done this thousands of times -…

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Family Skydiving together in Virginia

Some of our best jumps are when we share the sky with family members. We recently took a father and son on their first skydive and we had to share the pic of them after they landed. There is nothing better then adventures to make memories that will last a lifetime. This picture of their smiles shows how much fun skydiving is for the whole family. Summer has just ended and the Fall Season is here. The Fall time is the BEST Time to make a skydive. The air is clear, and no more thunderstorms in the afternoon. You can see for miles under parachute. If I had one time of the year to choose to make a skydive, it would be in the Fall. We hope you join us for your skydive in Virginia soon. For your convenience, you can reserve your skydive here. We are open 7 days a week and look forward to seeing you soon!


What days are we open for skydiving in Virginia.

We are open everyday!! It's that simple with us. We are the only skydiving business in VA that is open 7 days a week. Most skydiving places in VA are open only on weekends and maybe four days of the week. No Limits Skydiving has two locations, both of which are open 7 days a week. Our staff are all full-time skydivers, not part-time as seen at other drop zones. Since we are open everyday, we are able to take more people for a Tandem Skydive in VA. This is great for two reasons: One, since we take more people, we are able to offer skydiving in VA at a lower price. Second, we know that many people do not work a normal work week and have weekends off. We are here for you. If you're free on a Tuesday, we can skydive. Thursday? Yep, we are able to skydive then also. Just make a reservation online or give us…