No Limits Skydiving also has staff members who perform Skydiving Shows for many different types of events all over the country. All of our team is ex-military with thousands of jumps.

Our Skydiving Team will have our professional skydivers landing at your event adding an excitement to any show.

The plane will fly over the event trailing thick white smoke as your whole audience looks to the sky. Our jumpers will also have smoke attached to them so the crowd will see them in free fall once they leave the plane. The staff will then do a circle so the smoke makes a type of Barber Pole effect with the smoke. All this while music could be playing to get the audience excited and into the show. After we deploy parachutes we can fly in with the large American Flag.

Of course all of our skydiving shows are tailored to your event. We can wear our green Military Flight Suits, Super Hero Costumes, or even land as Uncle Sam!

We can bring in your Sponsors Banner, the Game Ball, or Team Flag. We are happy to accommodate any idea that adds something special to your event.

Here are some of the companies we have performed for. As you can see we have done everything from NASCAR to High School Football. 

  • Richmond Raceway NASCAR 
  • Richmond Flying Squirrels 
  • Dover Delaware NASCAR
  • Baltimore Country Club 4th of July
  • Norfolk State University Football
  • UVA Football
  • Prince George High School Football
  • Colonial Downs Horse track
  • Lee-Davis High School Football
  • Hanover County 4th of July
  • Emerald Bowl San Francisco
  • Atlanta Braves
  • Jefferson Forrest High School
  • Work Little League Baseball Series
  • Six Flags Amusement Park
  • Elvis Festival, VA Beach
  • LSU Football

This is just a small sample of the events we have done. We would love to work for you! Please contact us with any questions at (866) 553-2915 or by email at [email protected].