Skydiving in Virginia
Skydive Va Beach

Opening day for skydiving in Virginia

We are so looking forward to our opening day on February 24th. We have enjoyed a couple of months off, and now we are ready to get back in the air jumping from perfectly good airplanes! We are open each day starting on Saturday, February 24 thru mid December. You can book your skydive online, or by calling us at 866-553-2915 If you are looking for an amazing experience in Virginia, No Limits Skydiving is the place for you!

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Skydiving in Virginia
William and Mary Skydiving with No Limits Skydiving

William and Mary University Skydiving Group

This weekend we had a group come from the University of William and Mary to join us for their tandem skydives. We had 17 of their students join us. No Limits Skydiving is the only place in Virginia that makes skydives over the York River with views of the Chesapeake Bay.  We have the best skydiving views in the state of VA! Everyone had a great time, and we hope to see your group join us again. You can reserve your date online or by calling us at 866-553-2915.  Join us for the adventure of a lifetime soon.

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Tandem Skydive in Virginia
Tandem Skydive in Virginia

Virginia Tandem Skydiving

We just opened up for the 2023 skydiving season and the last two weeks have been great! We have had some good weather with a few days of nice warm weather and have already done close to 100 tandem skydives in the last 2 weeks. As the weather gets warmer, we will get even busier, so make your plans to join us soon!

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Skydiving in Richmond VA
Skydiving in VA Beach Virginia

No Limits Skydiving Demo Team.

No Limits Skydiving has the best professional skydivers in the state of Virginia. Two of our Tandem Masters have over 17,000 tandem skydives each! Yes, you read that right, they EACH have over 17,000 jumps under their belt. Our team is so well known that our company is hired to perform at major sporting events around the country. Already this year, we will be skydiving with the American Flag into the Charlotte Knights opening Baseball Game. In April, we will be jumping into the NASCAR Race at Dover, and in June the race in Nashville. If you looking to make your first skydive and you live in Virginia, then choose the company that is trusted by major sporting events around the country. We hope to see you skydiving with us soon.

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