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Skydiving in Richmond, Virginia

I am going to start doing blogs on which location of ours to choose depending on where you live. I live in Richmond, VA, so as I am out about town, I get asked all the time which location is better to skydive at.

If you live in Richmond, VA, then you want to go to our West Point Skydiving Location. Its right down 64 only 45 minutes away, and has the best views in my opinion. You will be in free-fall right over the three rivers – The York, Mattaponi, and the Pamucky Rivers.
The sunset views there are amazing, and they get booked up quick.

So the simple answer is if you are from Richmond, then I would choose our West Point location. We open for the 2019 season starting Feb 9th. We are open everyday, so make your plans to join us this year for skydiving in VA.

If you are around at some of Richmond’s sporting events, look up! No Limits Skydiving skydives into a lot of these games. We will be performing for the Richmond Flying Squirrels Game on July 10th.

Opening Day for Skydiving in VA

We start the 2019 skydiving season on Feb 16. We are already getting that itch to jump from a perfectly good airplane. We closed for the winter on Dec 9th and are closed for two months due to the cold weather this time of year.

We spend this down time enjoying the holiday season with our families. We also take this time to inspect all of our equipment thoroughly. All of our planes are in for routine inspection and getting prepped for next year. Our skydiving rigs are going through inspection at the Master Riggers office. They go through a 40-point inspection and replace any worn parts. We have purchased two brand new parachutes and one new container. This new equipment has cost us over $15K. We are also refilling our T-shirt supply for next season. Last year we sold out of shirts in October, so we have ordered a larger stock amount for next year.

We hope you enjoy the holidays. As soon as the winter break ends, come join us in the sky’s over Virginia for a tandem skydive!

Group Skydiving in Virginia

We often get calls about people wanting to bring a group skydiving. The main question we get is “Do you guys have a group discount?”. Yes we do! For groups of 4-5, you will receive $10 off each skydive. The bigger the group, the bigger the discount. For groups of 6-8, you get $20 off each jump. Finally, groups of 9 or more get $30 off each jump. All groups will also get $10 off the video or pictures.

We are also asked how many people we can take. Bring as many people as you would like, we frequently have large groups from universities having over 15 people.

Don’t have a group? No problem. Many times people are tired of waiting for their friends to go skydiving with them, so they come out alone. If you are skydiving alone, you are free to bring people to watch you jump. In fact, we encourage it. Come make your skydive in Virginia with No Limits Skydiving!

With Christmas right around the corner, what better gift than gift certificates to go skydiving? We have two convenient locations in Virginia for when you are ready to skydive with us. They are located in West Point, VA and Victoria, VA.