Skydiving over the river
Skydiving in Virginia

No Limits Skydiving will be hosting a Skydiving Boogie on May 18th and 19th of this year at our West Point location.

Join us for skydiving over the most scenic place for jumping in Virginia. We have views of the York River along with the Chesapeake Bay, and usually exit the plane right over the river.

We will be having a Caravan all weekend, and might even start in the afternoon that Friday.

We will be having a special sunset dive with everyone landing in the Pea Pit for a toast after the skydive. This jump will be in honor of all the people who used to skydive at West Point, but are no longer with us. Skydivers like Carol Clay, Benny Sherman, Willy Ward, Mike Christian – and everyone else.

The registration fee is $65. You can pay through PayPal at [email protected], or by calling us at (866) 553-2915

Please call us with any questions  Hope to see you there!