Most people look to make one skydive and check it off of their Bucket List— a once in a lifetime adventure. I have found that skydiving is the ultimate thrill. Nothing quite beats the feeling of the first step off of the plane with the wind in your face. Even after all this time I still remember my first jump and how special it was. I’ve gone skydiving more times than I can remember, and to this day, I still get that thrill. I wish to share that indescribable feeling with you.

As the owner of No Limits Skydiving™, I’ve jumped over 10,000 times, with thousands of Tandem skydives and AFF skydives. I’m also the owner of Aerial Adventures Demos. Along with my skydiving demonstration team, I have jumped into many major sporting events including the Atlanta Braves Baseball, NASCAR, and college football games.

In 2007, I skydived into the LSU football game live on ESPN.

I have skydived all over the country, in states such as New York, Delaware, Illinois, California, Georgia, and Kentucky, and found that there is no better place to make your first skydive than in Virginia.

I grew up in Virginia but have lived and traveled all over the country. When I was searching for a place to open my business, I chose Virginia for a number of reasons including how close it was to Virginia beach and the City of Richmond. I only hope that I’ve created a great place for students and family, to enjoy what I think is, the greatest adventure you can have.

At No Limits Skydiving™, you can bring your entire family and entourage of friends to watch you skydive. Our locations have comfortable student lounges equipped with a big screen TV for friends and family to view the video of your dive. I have designed the school to make all customers feel comfortable and relaxed. We’ve got couches, pool tables, and even a camp ground for students to camp out the night before the big jump, if they would like. The campground has a bonfire pit and is free for students.

When you land, your friends can be right there. Once they see you jump they are going to want to go. I have hired the best instructors, all of whom have served in the military, and I’m involved in every skydive to make sure your experience is one you will never forget.

I would love to be part of your skydiving adventure. My staff and I will make sure you have the best possible experience as you live the thrill that is skydiving.

I hope to see you in the skies above Virginia soon.

Blue Skies,
Mark Wilson