Skydiving over the river
Skydiving in Virginia

Skydiving Boogie with a Caravan on May 18th and 19th.

No Limits Skydiving will be hosting a Skydiving Boogie on May 18th and 19th of this year at our West Point location. Join us for skydiving over the most scenic place for jumping in Virginia. We have views of the York River along with the Chesapeake Bay, and usually exit the plane right over the river. We will be having a Caravan all weekend, and might even start in the afternoon that Friday. We will be having a special sunset dive with everyone landing in the Pea Pit for a toast after the skydive. This jump will be in honor of all the people who used to skydive at West Point, but are no longer with us. Skydivers like Carol Clay, Benny Sherman, Willy Ward, Mike Christian - and everyone else. The registration fee is $65. You can pay through PayPal at [email protected], or by calling us at (866) 553-2915 Please call us with any questions  Hope to see…

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Skydiving in Richmond
Skydiving in Richmond

Birthday Skydiving in Virginia

What do you do on the day you turn 18?  Well, you come jump out of an airplane of course! We love taking people skydiving, but especially people like this, who on the day she turned 18, decided she wanted to skydive. We had a great time showing her the sky and hope to share it with you soon. Join us for your skydive in Virginia soon!

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Skydiving in Richmond VA
Skydiving in VA Beach Virginia

No Limits Skydiving Demo Team.

No Limits Skydiving has the best professional skydivers in the state of Virginia. Two of our Tandem Masters have over 17,000 tandem skydives each! Yes, you read that right, they EACH have over 17,000 jumps under their belt. Our team is so well known that our company is hired to perform at major sporting events around the country. Already this year, we will be skydiving with the American Flag into the Charlotte Knights opening Baseball Game. In April, we will be jumping into the NASCAR Race at Dover, and in June the race in Nashville. If you looking to make your first skydive and you live in Virginia, then choose the company that is trusted by major sporting events around the country. We hope to see you skydiving with us soon.

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Skydive Richmond Virginia
Skydive Richmond Virginia

Opening weekend for Skydiving in Virginia.

We had our opening weekend for skydiving in Virginia on Feb 19th. The weather turned out great, and we had over 20 people making a Tandem Skydive. The sunset skydive on Sunday was amazing. We are now open every day of the week for skydiving, and we hope to see you soon!  

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Skydive Richmond VA
Skydiving VA Beach

Look like Top Gun while skydiving in Virginia

If you are going to jump from an airplane one time in your life, let's make it the BEST possible! You need not only the jump, but also the pics and video. The saying is if you don't have proof, did it really even happen? At No Limits Skydiving, we give everyone a jump suit for their skydive. Jumping from an airplane is great, but looking like a Top Gun Fighter Pilot while skydiving is even more awesome! We have jumpsuits to fit everyone who joins us. The jump suits will keep your clothes clean, plus it keeps your shirt from flying up during free-fall. The last thing that makes you look cool is having your shirt come up while falling 120 mph and exposing a bunch of skin. Wearing a jumpsuit fixes that, and also it just makes you look super cool! The 2022 season starts on Feb 19th, so come join us for your skydive adventure soon and…