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Licensed Skydivers Coming For Fun Jumps

Licensed Skydivers are skydivers that have their license from the USPA. We are starting to host some regular licensed skydivers at our West Point location a couple days a week. May 17th is our first day of this event. We are going to start having this become a weekly thing all summer. We will have both planes running for formation loads and speed star jumps. Formation loads is where there are skydivers in both planes. They will exit the aircraft at the same time so the skydivers can meet up in mid air.  They are a lot of fun and take exact precision to make happen. If you are a United States Parachute Association Skydiver, call us to join the fun. If you are looking to make your first Tandem Skydive. please join us also. We are taking first-time skydivers everyday.

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Skydive In VA.

Parachutes at No Limits Skydiving in Virginia

No limits Skydiving uses Strong Enterprises Parachutes. They are the leading company for Skydiving Gear and Tandem Skydiving Parachutes. They even supply a lot of equipment to the United States Military. We have just purchased a few brand new 366 Tandem Parachutes for use at our Virginia Skydiving Locations. These parachutes are high performance and are capable of slow and steady flight as well as high velocity maneuvers. With these parachutes, we can do slow flat turns or we can do fast spinning 360's that are super fun. Either way its up to you how you would like your skydive over Virginia to go. I find it fun to do a little of both. It's always nice to just float down and take in the view. It's also fun to crank out a few fast spins to feel the effects of high rate turns. Summer and Fall are our busiest times of the year, so make your reservation with us…

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Skydiving in VA

New Tandem Skydiving Instructor

We would like to welcome a new addition to our staff at No Limits Skydiving! We have been so busy we have hired an additional instructor to our skydiving team. Thomas Lindsey has been hired to perform Tandem Jumps at our Virginia Drop Zones. Thomas has been a professional skydiver for over 11 years working at various skydiving schools on the East Coast. Before becoming a full time instructor, he served in the military for eight years, where he made his first skydive. The owner of No Limits Skydiving also served in the military. All of our instructors are FULL-TIME skydivers. We do not hire part-time weekend jumpers, only fully trained professionals who have a true passion for skydiving and love to share their passion with our customers. We hope you join Thomas and the rest of our team for your skydive soon at either of our locations in VA.


July 4th Skydiving

It's time for the July 4th Holiday in Virginia and the Nation. No Limits Skydiving will be bringing our Nation's Flag into a few events for the 4th. Our staff will be skydiving into a Country Club on July 1st to kick off their fireworks show. Three of our staff will be performing for this event. On July 4th, we will be skydiving into the Richmond Flying Squirrels Baseball game at 6:30pm. We will fly in a formation during free fall with a large American Flag being deployed under parachute. We will also be bringing in the game ball! We LOVE being a part of these events and sharing our love of skydiving with people in VA. We hope everyone has a great holiday, and if you happen to be at one of these events, we hope you enjoy the show! July 4th is kind of mid point for summer time, so make sure you come join us for your tandem…

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Skydiving locations in Virginia

When we first opened over 10 years ago the owner searched Virginia for the best views for skydiving. We chose two locations. Victoria with amazing views of the mountains and Lake Gaston. We also added a camping area at the Victoria location. My favorite time to skydive in Victoria is the Fall Time in Virginia. The leaves when they change color make for a great visual while under parachute. Our West point Skydiving location is located between three rivers and the Chesapeake Bay. West point is our most popular by far during the spring and summer months. Most of the time we are in free fall right over the Yorktown River. On weekends the river is lined up with boats so they can watch us skydive. The Rappahannock, Mattaponi and the Pamunkey River are all around the airport. It's hard to imagine the views while skydiving here. With the Chesapeake Bay also in site most customers chose this area for…