Skydiving in Virginia
Skydive VA Beach

Summer Skydiving in Virginia

We had a long Spring, but Summer is almost here. We have been skydiving hard the last few weeks since the weather finally cleared up. We had a few weeks of clouds and rain, but the sun has appeared and we are jumping everyday. Grab some friends and come join us for the adventure of a lifetime at No Limits Skydiving!

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Hampden-Sydney College skydiving
Skydiving in Virginia with Hampden-Sydney College.

Skydive in Virginia with Hampden Sydney College

No Limits Skydiving works with many university outdoor programs. We partner with them to take their students on a Tandem Skydive and give them the best outdoor adventure possible. We love taking people on their first skydive, and it's always fun to skydive with younger people that are new to skydiving. The Spring season is here, and summer is just right around the corner. We hope to see you skydiving with us soon for the most awesome outdoor experience in Virginia.

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Sky Van Boogie
Sky Van Boogie

Sky Van Skydive Boogie October 21-22 Details

West Point is one of the oldest locations in the country for sport parachuting. No Limits Skydiving is happy to welcome back fun jumpers for a special weekend in October. We can once again fill the skies over West Point and the York River with canopies. We hope to see old friends and make new ones as we welcome you to our event. If you have never made a skydive at West Point, then you are in for a treat! We skydive right beside the York River with views of the Chesapeake Bay. We actually have three rivers right beside the airport. The York, Mattaponi, and the Pamunkey Rivers make for the best view in the state of Virginia. Ask anyone who has jumped here and they will tell you about the view on a sunset jump, with the sun beaming off the water.  This is a one time a year event, and only for the weekend of October 21…

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Birthday Skydiving
Skydive Norfolk Virginia

Birthday skydiving in Virginia

We always love taking people on a Tandem Skydive, and people come to jump for many reasons. One of the reasons we hear most is "we came to skydive for our birthday." The weather has warmed up now, and we have been jumping out of perfectly good airplanes everyday! We hope you come and join us at No Limits Skydiving for your skydive soon.

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Skydiving in Virginia
William and Mary Skydiving with No Limits Skydiving

William and Mary University Skydiving Group

This weekend we had a group come from the University of William and Mary to join us for their tandem skydives. We had 17 of their students join us. No Limits Skydiving is the only place in Virginia that makes skydives over the York River with views of the Chesapeake Bay.  We have the best skydiving views in the state of VA! Everyone had a great time, and we hope to see your group join us again. You can reserve your date online or by calling us at 866-553-2915.  Join us for the adventure of a lifetime soon.

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