Skydiving Va beach
Skydiving VA Beach

Skydiving views in Virginia

Wanted to share a picture of a jump we did from this week. We have the best views for skydiving in Virginia. We are the only place in Virginia that you can skydive over water. We jump right over the York River with views of the Chesapeake Bay. If you are looking to make a skydive, choose the Drop Zone with the best views. No Limits Skydiving has the best views for skydiving in all of Virginia. Join us soon for your tandem skydive soon!

skydive in Virginia
Skydiving in Virginia

Summer Skydiving in Virginia

Summer is finally here and we are OPEN for business! We are skydiving 7 days a week, and all you need to do to make your skydive is reserve a date and time with us. Summer time is the busiest time of the year for outdoor activities in Virginia. No limits Skydiving is the only skydiving school in Virginia that jumps over the water. We skydive right over the York River with views of the Chesapeake Bay. The York River is right beside our airport, so we are usually in free fall right over the river, which are some of the best views possible in the state of Virginia. You can reserve online or by calling us at 866-553-2915. We hope to see you soon to make your Tandem Skydive with No Limits Skydiving. Make sure you take a look at our YouTube Channel for great skydiving videos.

Skydive Richmond VA
Skydiving over Va Beach

Skydiving discounts in Virginia

We want to do our part for anyone that works in a hospital in any capacity. To show our gratitude for your service, we are offering free pics of your skydive anytime in 2020! No matter if you are a nurse, receptionist, doctor, or work in the cafeteria, when you make a skydive with No Limits Skydiving in 2020, you will receive FREE pics of your jump. We know everyone is going crazy being locked inside so as soon as all this craziness is over then its time for adventure. We are looking forward to skydiving again soon, and hope to see in the air with us!

Skydive Norfolk VA
Skydiving in Norfolk VA

Skydive Norfolk Virginia

Norfolk Virginia is the home of the largest Navy base in the world. When you think of Norfolk, then of course you have to think NAVY. Americans from all over the world that have served in our military have called Norfolk home during their time of service. The history of the military and Norfolk Virginia is long and distinguished. The owner of No Limits Skydiving served for years in the US Navy and was stationed in Norfolk. It was during his time in service in Norfolk that he first skydived at the West Point location. West Point has been one of the longest running operations for skydiving in the country going back as far as the 1970's. No Limits Skydiving took over the skydiving operation in West Point over 10 years ago. When he first jumped in West Point, the owner saw how amazing the views are. So it was always in his plans to own this location once he…