Skydive Richmond VA
Skydive Richmond Virginia

Opening Skydiving Day in Virginia

This weekend we opened for the 2021 season. The weather was clear for the weekend after days of rain. All the staff was ready to get back in the air after two months of being off for the winter. We spent those two months getting things ready for opening day. New equipment was being used for the first time, and even a new credit card machine. We have new jump suits and one of our planes is getting a new engine. We are all ready to welcome you for your first (or 5th) Tandem skydive! We took 10 people up this Sunday, Feb 21st, for their first skydive. Come join us for your skydive soon. Call us at 866-553-2915 to schedule your skydive date soon.

Skydiving in Va Beach
Skydiving in Richmond VA

Family Skydiving together in Virginia

Some of our best jumps are when we share the sky with family members. We recently took a father and son on their first skydive and we had to share the pic of them after they landed. There is nothing better then adventures to make memories that will last a lifetime. This picture of their smiles shows how much fun skydiving is for the whole family. Summer has just ended and the Fall Season is here. The Fall time is the BEST Time to make a skydive. The air is clear, and no more thunderstorms in the afternoon. You can see for miles under parachute. If I had one time of the year to choose to make a skydive, it would be in the Fall. We hope you join us for your skydive in Virginia soon. For your convenience, you can reserve your skydive here. We are open 7 days a week and look forward to seeing you soon!

Skydive in Va Beach
Skydiving in VA Beach

Skydiving in Virginia Beach

Ok, so 2020 has not started with a lot of fun so far. Things are looking up, and we are ready to share an adventure in the sky with you. The last couple months should show all of us that life goes by fast.  We should all keep in mind that if you keep putting off that special trip, or any adventure you have considered, then it's a mistake. With everyone stuck in the house, people are going stir-crazy, especially with Summer fast approaching. We hope you decide to come make a skydive with us and share our love of the sky. We believe that skydiving is one of the best adventures you will ever have. If you from a VA Beach or anywhere in Virginia we hope you decide to join No Limits Skydiving for a skydiving trip soon.

Skydive in VA
Skydive in Va Beach

Skydiving Videos for Virginia

In the off season of Dec and Jan we are always busy inspecting equipment. Anything that needs replaced or fixed gets worked on. This includes are cameras for video and pictures. We have just purchased brand new Go pro 8's to record videos and pictures. These are done in 4K and they are a major step up from other systems.  The clarity is amazing. All the staff is excited to start using the new cameras. Of course, we love to see ourselves in video as much as the customers like it. When we see a special shot or picture we save it for ourselves. We are looking forward to the 2020 season of skydiving in VA and are excited to see the new footage of our jumps! Video or pictures of your skydive are $60. Video and pictures are $85. Hope to see you skydiving with us this year.

skydiving gift certificates
skydiving in Virginia

Christmas Gift Certificates for Skydiving

Give the gift of adventure for a loved one this season. We have gift certificates for sale online or by calling us at (866) 553-2915.  Gift certificates are good for 13 months from the date of purchase. We are open 7 days a week from 9am till sunset for your tandem skydiving adventure. We have had a great 2019 season and looking forward to 2020! If you have any questions, please call us anytime. With a gift certificate for skydiving, all they have to do is call us and let us know the code number on the back, and pick the date and time they would like to jump. It's that easy! Thanks, and we hope to see you soon for your skydive in VA!