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Skydive In VA.

No limits Skydiving uses Strong Enterprises Parachutes. They are the leading company for Skydiving Gear and Tandem Skydiving Parachutes. They even supply a lot of equipment to the United States Military.

We have just purchased a few brand new 366 Tandem Parachutes for use at our Virginia Skydiving Locations. These parachutes are high performance and are capable of slow and steady flight as well as high velocity maneuvers. With these parachutes, we can do slow flat turns or we can do fast spinning 360’s that are super fun.

Either way its up to you how you would like your skydive over Virginia to go. I find it fun to do a little of both. It’s always nice to just float down and take in the view. It’s also fun to crank out a few fast spins to feel the effects of high rate turns.

Summer and Fall are our busiest times of the year, so make your reservation with us soon. We have two locations in Virginia to choose from for your tandem skydive, we hope you come and see us soon!