Skydive VA Beach
Skydiving in Virginia Beach

Skydiving Weekend in Virginia

Last weekend was a great weekend of skydiving in Virginia. We had 29 people on Sunday after a rainy Saturday. The best part of our work is taking people on their first skydive. The weather was perfect and we jumped all day.  A few of our customers were celebrating their birthday in style by skydiving. Summer has just started so grab your group and come join us for your skydive adventure soon.

Skydive RVA
Skydiving Richmond Virginia

Summer skydiving in Richmond Virginia

It’s Memorial Day weekend, so it’s officially the start of summer. Summer is our busiest time of year, so make sure you reserve your skydiving spot early. Weekends are especially busy, and we get booked out about a week in advance. We have had a great year so far with over 700 people making their first skydive with us so far. We hope you decide to join us for your skydive adventure soon. Our West Point location is the only drop zone in Virginia with views of water.  If you live anywhere in Virginia, we are just a short drive from your skydiving experience.

Skydive Richmond Virginia
Skydiving in Richmond Virginia

Birthday Skydiving

This young lady turned 71, so she grabbed her favorite glasses and made a skydive with No Limits Skydiving. The weather was perfect for a birthday skydive. The best part of this job is being able to share adventures with amazing people such as her! Come join us for your special day of skydiving near Richmond Virginia soon.  

Skydive VA Beach
Skydiving Richmond VA

Skydiving Parachutes in Richmond Virginia

We get questions all the time about what our parachutes look like. Many people think they are round parachutes as they have seen on old war films and our round. Our parachutes are so much more advanced than the older generation of skydiving equipment. We can control our parachutes with extreme precision and land in the exact spot we choose.  Usually once the parachute is open, the customers are so excited looking around at the view they never glance at the parachute. I almost always ask them to look up at our parachute once they have taken a good look at the incredible views. If you live in Virginia and want to have the best adventure possible, make a reservation to come skydive with us soon. Of all the drop zones around here, we have some of the best views for tandem skydiving in Virginia. We hope to see you soon!