Marriage Proposal
Marriage Proposal in Virginia

Skydiving Marriage Proposal

We love each skydive, but some are more special then others. Birthday's are very popular here, but our favorite is a Wedding Proposal. This Saturday we had a nice couple make a Sunset Skydive. After their jump, he popped the big question! The weather and skydive were perfect, and he waited for her to land with ring-in-hand. We love being a part of these special moments, and we really hope you chose No Limits Skydiving for your special skydive. Join us for your skydive in Virginia soon!

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Skydiving in Virginia
Skydiving in Virginia

Tandem Skydiving in Virginia

Last week was a great week for skydiving in Virginia. We did over 60 tandem jumps last week at our West Point location. This is my favorite season to jump, and in a few weeks the leaves should start changing colors. Make your reservation soon because we get very busy this time of year, especially on weekends. The air is all clear with no summer haze and no late day thunder storms. The view with the rivers and the Chesapeake Bay are the BEST in the state, and there is no better place in Virginia to skydive than with us. You can make reservations by calling us at 866-553-2915, or you can do it online here. Come join us soon for your skydive. It's always better to spend money on an adventure then anything else!

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Skydiving Richmond Virginia
Skydiving into the University of Richmond

Skydiving into Univerisity of Richmond

On September 10th, staff members of No Limits Skydiving made a jump into the University of Richmond for their Football Game. We brought in the American Flag and their School Flag along with smoke. Many of our staff live in Richmond, so its always a special treat to be in free-fall over the city. We skydived into the game right during the National Anthem, landing on the 50 yard line. Many major sporting events trust our staff to perform at their events. Our skydiving staff are Pro Skydivers with thousands of skydives under their belt. Most other skydiving places in Virginia use part-time instructors at their location. No Limits Skydiving only uses FULL Time skydivers. This is our life, not a part time hobby. When looking to make your skydive, choose the skydiving company that major university's hire - No Limits Skydiving.

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Skydiving in Richmond Virginia
Skydiving in Richmond Virginia

A great weekend of Skydiving in Richmond Virginia

Summer is not over yet and we have had a great week of jumping from airplanes! This past week we have taken over 72 people on Tandem Skydives. We had a big group join us from Richmond. We are the closest drop zone to Richmond, and we get many customers from that city. We are just a short drive down interstate 64 from Richmond. We had a gentleman from Richmond who celebrated his 50th birthday by making a skydive. He brought a group of friends to join him, and they all made a Tandem Skydive. After their skydive, they had some Birthday Cake and drinks back at our office at our picnic area. The Fall time is almost here, and that is the best time to skydive. The weather is perfect, and the leaves when they change are simply amazing. We hope you decide to join us for your Skydiving Adventure soon!

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Skydiving Richmond Virginia
Skydiving in Virginia

This season of Skydiving in Virginia.

This year has so far been another great year of skydiving in Virginia. We had some bad weather this spring, with high winds and weeks of rain, but the last few months have been great! We have taken close to 2,000 people skydiving so far in 2022. So many great and interesting people have chosen No Limits Skydiving for their adventure. With our amazing views of the York River and the Chesapeake Bay, we are the first choice for skydiving near Richmond and Virginia Beach. Just this week, we have had over 86 tandems. Many people made a skydive for their birthday, and we even had 2 wedding proposals this week. Skydiving before you pop the big question is a awesome way to start a life together. The summer is not over yet, and our Skydiving Season in Virginia lasts until December. We hope to see you soon!

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