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Tandem Skydiving in Virginia

With the warm weather here people are looking to enjoy outdoor activities. There is nothing more outdoor then skydiving in Virginia. No Limits Skydiving offers Tandem Skydiving seven days a week in two locations in Virginia. We are the only Drop  Zone in Virginia that is set up specifically for Tandem Skydiving. We have done everything to make your first skydiving experience special. Every other place in Virginia allows regular licensed skydivers at their location. By doing this, they must be set up to cater to those jumpers instead of concentrating on other customers. With No Limits Skydiving, everything is set up for people looking to do a Tandem Skydive. It could be your first Tandem or your fourth Tandem Skydive, we are in business to make sure you have the best time possible. We have purchased new Go Pro 8's that take video and pics in 4K Ultra HD. We have purchased new parachute systems this past winter along…

Skydive in VA
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Spring Break Skydiving in Virginia

Spring time is finally arriving in Virginia, so it's time to get outside and play. There is no better way to play then jumping from a perfectly good airplane! Spring Break is here for many universities so if you're looking for something to do, come give skydiving a try. This week the weather has been perfect and we had a few students from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond Virginia, come make a skydive with us. Our 2020 season of skydiving in Virginia is ramping up so make your plans to join us for your Tandem Skydive soon.

Wedding Proposal in Virginia
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Skydiving Wedding Proposals in Virginia

People have many reasons they want to try their first skydive. Birthday's, graduation's, and anniversary's are three of the biggest reasons. We love taking them all on a skydive but some of our favorite jumps are Wedding Proposal's. We love being a part of a couples special day. We have done many wedding proposals and each one is special. We usually land the groom first so he can be waiting with the ring as she lands. We also have staff members stretch a big "Marry Me" banner on the ground to be seen under parachute. We have had grooms come up with many different ways to propose to that special someone. Call us with your idea and we can make it happen. Events like this make our job even more special. We hope to see you skydiving with us soon, no matter if it's your first skydive or your tenth!

Skydive in VA
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Skydiving Videos for Virginia

In the off season of Dec and Jan we are always busy inspecting equipment. Anything that needs replaced or fixed gets worked on. This includes are cameras for video and pictures. We have just purchased brand new Go pro 8's to record videos and pictures. These are done in 4K and they are a major step up from other systems.  The clarity is amazing. All the staff is excited to start using the new cameras. Of course, we love to see ourselves in video as much as the customers like it. When we see a special shot or picture we save it for ourselves. We are looking forward to the 2020 season of skydiving in VA and are excited to see the new footage of our jumps! Video or pictures of your skydive are $60. Video and pictures are $85. Hope to see you skydiving with us this year.