Skydiving Weather

Does bad weather affect skydiving? One of the questions we hear most often is do we cancel a Tandem Skydive if the weather is bad.  The short answer to that question is yes. Skydiving is the adventure of a lifetime but there are some weather conditions we will not skydive in. Low Clouds & Drizzling Rain The easy answer I give customers is if it is a "Winnie the Pooh Day" then we will cancel for the entire day. A Winnie the Pooh Day is a day of low clouds and drizzling rain all day. The kind of day where you sit on the couch and watch movies. Bad weather days like that, we call customers early in the morning and let them know we wont be skydiving that day. You then have the option of choosing another date to schedule your jump. Windy Days We also can cancel Tandem Skydives for really windy days. When winds get to around…

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Skydiving Gift Certificates

Give them a present they'll never forget! There is no better gift than the gift of adventure! When looking for that special item for someone, you should consider an activity, instead of an item. Skydiving is on most bucket lists, and would make an fantastic and unforgettable present. No Limits Skydiving makes purchasing and using a gift certificate very simple.  You may order your skydiving certificate by calling us at (866) 553-2915, or through emailing us at [email protected]. Most people do have a lot of questions, and we love to answer them. Do not hesitate to call us with your questions or order. The price for our skydiving gift certificate is $230. This price covers everything; there are no hidden charges once they arrive to redeem their certificate. Once you have made your purchase, we will have your certificate in the mail that day. We can also email you a copy. We have 2 skydiving locations in Virginia and you can…


Tandem Skydiving in Different Seasons

When is the best season to make a skydive? Wanting to make a Tandem Skydive in Virginia? We skydive at No Limits Skydiving all year, in all 4 seasons. Yes..we even jump during the winter. We shut down in the month of Jan so we can get all ready for the next year, but we open back up in Feb. I get asked all the time what is the best time of year to make my first Tandem Skydive.  If you ask 4 skydivers you will probably get 4 different answers. Let me go over a few highlights of making your jump in each season. Winter Skydiving The winter is our slowest time of year but it does offer a different view of earth that can be quite amazing. I have even skydived when there is snow on the ground. Everyone wants to know about the cold but we always dress for the jump. So of course we put extra clothes including gloves so your…


Accelerated Freefall Skydiving

What is Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Skydiving? The Accelerated Freefall, or AFF training method was designed to quickly teach people to become skydivers and canopy pilots. Some people choose to make an AFF jump as their first jump rather than a tandem. The thrill of jumping from a plane and flying your own parachute can’t be matched. For the first AFF jump, two USPA instructors hold onto the student until they deploy their parachute. Each subsequent jump builds on the previous jumps and teaches additional skills. Each student can progress at their own pace, although the USPA requires one jump per 30 days to stay current. If a student starts the AFF program, there is not a required number of jumps.

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Demonstration Skydiving

Demonstration Skydiving at Sporting & Celebratory Events Demonstration skydiving, or “demos” for short, is where a highly skilled sky diving team performs a sky diving show for an audience. Sporting events such as NASCAR, MLB, and College Football, use skydivers to bring in the American Flag to start the event. There are military demo teams and a few civilian teams that perform for sporting events around the country. The Golden Knights are a very well known military team that performs at many events around the country to help with recruiting efforts for the United States Army. One of the better know civilian demonstration skydiving teams is Aerial Adventures Inc. They perform at many NASCAR Races including the race at Richmond International Speedway. The members of demo teams are very highly qualified skydivers; the best of the best. They will fly in a large American flags, game balls, and smoke as they land on a designated spot at a certain time. Landing in a stadium…

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