What is The Minimum Age For Skydiving?

Our Tandem Skydiving Rules & Regulations

What is The Minimum Age For Skydiving? This is a question we get asked all the time. The simple answer is you must be 18 years old to jump from a perfectly good airplane. This is a Nationwide rule is for any member of the United States Parachute Association. Almost all skydiving centers in the United States are members of this association. When your business is a part of this group you agree to certain safety rules and regulations. Being a DCIM102GOPROskydiver, I will tell you now to NEVER make a skydive from any drop zone that is not a member of United States Parachute Association. You can get a list from their web site for skydiving schools in every state and country to make a safe Tandem Skydive.

Why Do I Need to be 18 Years Old to Skydive?

There is a simple answer why you must be 18 to skydive and it has to do with the release waiver every Tandem Skydiver must sign before they jump. A few years ago you could jump as long as both parents signed for them. In the last few years that rule has changed. The manufacturers of skydiving equipment were the first to implement the new rule. The United States Parachute Association soon followed.

We have a passion for skydiving and we have a bigger passion to share it with you and your friends. So, as long as your are 18, you can come make a Tandem Skydive with us at No Limits Skydiving.



Tandem Skydiving for a Good Cause

Special Moments While Skydiving

The absolute best part of being a Professional Skydiving Instructor is being able to share special moments with our clients. People ask me all the time what has been my favorite jump so far? But with having over 11,000 skydives, it’s really hard to pick a favorite. There have been many special skydives that always stick in my memory.

Make A Wish Foundation

We were able to fulfill the wish of one 10 year boy with a terminal cancer through Make a Wish Foundation and take him on a Tandem Skydive. There is a song about living life to the fullest and it includes a verse about skydiving. In 25 years of being a active skydiver I have been part of taking many people on their first Tandem Skydives when they knew they did not have much time left on this Earth. It’s hard to put into words how much it means to us to be able to make a bucket item a reality for someone facing a medical issue.angie and sister

Special Events & Charities

Many drop zones around the country have special events for charity that involve Tandem Skydiving.  Our favorite cause is anything to do with the US Military. The owner of No Limits Skydiving is Ex-Military, along with most of the staff. We have had special events where a certain percentage of video sales for that day have been donated to Military Charities.

Skydiving Schools around the country hold special events to help out a variety of causes. Here is a great article about some elected officials making a Tandem Skydive to raise money for the local food bank.

Skydiving Marriage Proposals

No Limits Skydiving has also been a part of many many marriage proposals! These are a lot of fun for us, because we get to a be a part of a very special moment for them. A few of the men have placed “Will you marry me?” signs on the ground that can be read while their girlfriend is under the parachute. Its fun to be with her when she reads the sign while you are flying around under the canopy. It also makes for a great video when you film her expression the second she reads the sign. So far they all have said yes!!

Tandem Skydiving is a great way to share a special event with a friend or a loved one. They always say that money spent on a life experience will always be remembered.   We hope to be a part of your life experience soon!

Skydiving For a Living

What it’s Like to Tandem Skydive as a Career

One of the hardest things in life is deciding what you want to be when you grow up. I never in a million years would have thought it possible I could get paid to jump from airplanes.  If someone had told me when I was 16 that I’m going to be a professional skydiver, I would have thought they were crazy.

The first time I stepped out of an airplane I knew that I had found my passion. To be able to turn that passion into a career has been beyond amazing. I cant tell you how many times I have heard from customers how lucky I am to be a professional skydiver. I always love to hear that because it makes me know how much they loved their skydive with us.

Full-Time Skydivers

As much as I love skydiving, I love being able to share the sky with first time jumpers even more. Everyone who works at No Limits Skydiving is a Full Time Skydiver. This is our job and career. Some skydiving schools in Virginia are only open on weekends, so they use part time instructors.  All of our Tandem Instructors are full time. Jumping from airplanes is the way we make our living and we want to share our office with you!

Check out this great blog by James La Berrie about working in the skydiving industry. Thought I would share it with you as it gives another perspective from a professional skydiver. We are living proof that they say “If you do what you love, then you never work a day in your life.”

Come join us at our office in the sky soon.