Does Skydiving Feel like a Roller Coaster?

This is another one of those questions I have been asked a hundred times. The very simple answer is NO!  You do not get that roller coaster effect when skydiving. Only a Zero G Dives can cause that feeling in your stomach.  Zero G is that slight pause where you go from climbing up to all of a sudden accelerating downward. With jumping from a perfectly good airplane there really is no pause. The plane is flying forward at approximately 100 mph when we make that leap. Since the plane is moving forward at such a fast rate you really don’t even start falling straight down at first. When a Tandem Pair leaves the plane you actually take around 10 seconds before you reach terminal velocity.

In 25 years of skydiving I have listened to people who are thinking of making a skydive that they do not like that queasy feeling they receive from a roller coaster. This is one of their concerns and I assure them that it will not happen when skydiving. In fact when you first jump you don’t even feel like you are falling. We are so high above the Earth that you as we free fall it just feels like a bunch of wind is hitting you. There is no perception that you are falling  since there are no objects in the air to get the perspective of how fast you are falling. Of course once you are at a lower altitude you will start to realize that…man…we are falling fast. That is about the time we deploy the parachute.

If you have any further questions please feel free to email or call us anytime. We hope you show you how much better skydiving is then riding a roller is  the adventure of a lifetime!


Skydiving with Wingsuits

One of the most frequent questions we get at the drop zone is about Wingsuit Skydiving. With online videos showing  very experienced skydivers flying close to objects such as mountains and cliffs, Wingsuit Skydiving has taken off in popularity. Wingsuits are also frequently called Squirrel suits also.

Different Types of Wingsuits

There are two types of Wingsuit flying. Proximity flying is where a person flies very close to the earth. This type of skydiving is very very dangerous and is only for the most experienced skydivers. Even the most skilled skydivers do not often become involved in this activity. There is very little room for error and has a very high rate of fatality. Even the best in the sport have been injured and killed doing Proximity Flying. The videos look great online but that is where they should stay in my opinion. I have nothing but respect for people who are qualified and can successfully accomplish these feats but I do not recommend skydivers try this. I have over 11,000 skydives and I would never try Proximity Flying. I also enjoy watching the videos but will leave that skydiving to others.

The other type is regular Wingsuit Skydiving where you exit the plane and are able to fly much like a squirrel till you deploy your parachute at the correct altitude of around 3,000 feet.  Skydiving with a Wingsuit does require some special training. You are required to have at least 200 regular jumps before being allowed to train with a wingsuit. Some of the special training goes over exiting from the plane. With a wingsuit you do not want to actually catch air or start flying until you have cleared the plane. Striking the plane while exiting with a wingsuit is one of the issues you need to be aware of and our taught how to avoid. Another issue is actually deploying the parachute. With wingsuit flying you will be required to deploy at a higher altitude due to complications if you need to activate your reserve. With extra altitude you will have more time to deal with a malfunction of your primary parachute. This is important when wearing a wingsuit.

Wing suit flying is fun and enables you be fall at a slower rate of decent and zoom across the sky like Superman.

I have made a few wingsuit jumps in my career. While I enjoyed them and still make a wingsuit jump once in awhile, my favorite skydiving is regular jumps.  When you grab a few skydiving friends and leave the plane together it makes for a fun skydive. With wingsuit jumps you really are skydiving solo most of the time.

No matter what method you decide upon the best way to become introduced to the world of skydiving is a Tandem Skydive. We hope you choose No Limits Skydiving to enjoy your first skydive. Tandem Skydiving is our passion and there is no better skydive then when you show somebody else the world we live in..the big blue sky!!! We hope to see you soon for your adventure!

Spend Your Spring Break in VA Beach

Calling All College Students in Virginia

It’s that time of the year where Earth begins to shed it winter blues and life springs forward once more from a winter sleep. Now that warm weather is starting to arrive people are looking for outside activity’s. Its Spring Break time for most colleges and university’s around the country and that means millions of students heading to the beach. VA beach is a favorite destination for students located on the East Coast with its miles of pristine beaches and its famous boardwalk.  Beside the beaches, there are many other different types of things to do in VA Beach. This web site has a great list of places to see and things to do at the beach.Skydiving in VA Beach

The one thing you wont find on this list is skydiving. There is no skydiving right at the beach but No Limits Skydiving has a location that is close by.  We are open 24 hours a day to take you on your first skydive. Just plan on being with us for about two hours for the entire skydiving experience. We are close and does not take all day. This enables you to have a great adventure and get back to laying on the beach sooner then later. The spring time is the beginning of our busy season and we could not be more excited. We want to share our passion of jumping from perfectly good airplanes with you. Call us or book online to make your reservation and have the best spring break in Virginia Beach as possible.