Our Tandem Skydiving Rules & Regulations

What is The Minimum Age For Skydiving? This is a question we get asked all the time. The simple answer is you must be 18 years old to jump from a perfectly good airplane. This is a Nationwide rule is for any member of the United States Parachute Association. Almost all skydiving centers in the United States are members of this association. No Limits Skydiving in VA BeachWhen your business is a part of this group you agree to certain safety rules and regulations. Being a skydiver, I will tell you now to NEVER make a skydive from any drop zone that is not a member of United States Parachute Association. You can get a list from their web site for skydiving schools in every state and country to make a safe Tandem Skydive.

Why Do I Need to be 18 Years Old to Skydive?

There is a simple answer why you must be 18 to skydive and it has to do with the release waiver every Tandem Skydiver must sign before they jump. A few years ago you could jump as long as both parents signed for them. In the last few years that rule has changed. The manufacturers of skydiving equipment were the first to implement the new rule. The United States Parachute Association soon followed.

We have a passion for skydiving and we have a bigger passion to share it with you and your friends. So, as long as your are 18, you can come make a Tandem Skydive with us at No Limits Skydiving.