Skydiving over water in Virginia

No Limits Skydiving is the only Drop Zone in Virginia where you can actually jump over the water. If you are going to make one skydive in your life, you should choose the location with the best views.

Our West Point location in Virginia has you jumping right beside the York, Mattaponi, and Pamunkey River. You can even see the Chesapeake Bay in free fall.

In the warmer months, the river is full of boats and they actually line up to watch us skydiving. I have always wondered what they are thinking as they watch people skydiving all day – ha ha.

The sunset dives here are simply amazing. The sun beaming off the water lights it up. Even after all the jumps I have done, it still is magical.

Most people are looking to make one skydive in their life – one Bucket List item checked off. If you live in VA Beach, Richmond, Northern VA, or really anywhere in Virginia, then you should choose No Limits Skydiving. You can find information about both of our locations here.

Skydiving for 2019 starts in the next week. Grab some friends and come join us for the adventure of a lifetime.

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