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When we first opened over 10 years ago the owner searched Virginia for the best views for skydiving. We chose two locations.

Victoria with amazing views of the mountains and Lake Gaston. We also added a camping area at the Victoria location. My favorite time to skydive in Victoria is the Fall Time in Virginia. The leaves when they change color make for a great visual while under parachute.

Our West point Skydiving location is located between three rivers and the Chesapeake Bay. West point is our most popular by far during the spring and summer months. Most of the time we are in free fall right over the Yorktown River. On weekends the river is lined up with boats so they can watch us skydive. The Rappahannock, Mattaponi and the Pamunkey River are all around the airport. It’s hard to imagine the views while skydiving here. With the Chesapeake Bay also in site most customers chose this area for their Tandem Skydive in Virginia.

Virginia is lucky to have all four seasons so no matter when you jump the scene is slightly different. In spring, everything is green. In the summer the river is full of boats. Fall is an explosion of colors with the leaves changing. So no matter what time you decide to skydive, you will have a great view and experience.

I have skydived all over the country and different parts of the world, but skydiving in Virginia is still my favorite place for jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. Contact us soon for your skydiving adventure!