You are currently viewing Skydiving in VA in 2018

We are super excited for the upcoming skydiving season! We are closed for the winter and will open back up the second Saturday in February. Starting Feb 10, 2018, we are then open 7 days a week. We then close again for winter on Dec 8th, 2018.

In getting ready for our opening date all the equipment has been sent of for a complete inspection. This includes each parachute system and all of our planes. EVERYTHING goes through an meticulous inspection process and repairs are done where needed. We send our skydiving containers to Strong Enterprises where they go thru a 12-point inspection and any repairs are made to have them in perfect working order for Virginia’s 2018 skydiving season.

All of our airplanes are also sent off for an FAA mandatory annual inspection. This is required by the Federal Government of all aircraft that are used for commercial operations.

Most of our staff have been with us for over 6 years. If you made a tandem skydive with Mark, Joe or Jeff, they will all be back again in 2018 for tandem skydiving at No Limits Skydiving.

Remember, if you made a jump with us in 2017, and you bring five of your friends for a tandem jump this season, YOU jump for FREE! Who can beat that deal?

We truly hope that you and your families enjoy the Holidays and stay safe. We look forward to seeing all adventure-seekers for the 2018 tandem skydiving season!