Skydivers Land at Laurel Park Horse Track

Members of No Limits Skydiving made a skydive into Laurel Horse Track on Nov 16th. They landed to start the days events off by bringing in the American Flag.

Our staff are used at many major sporting events such as NASCAR and College Football Games. Our team is made up of well-trained former military members with thousands of jumps. They flew thru the air trailing smoke while in free-fall before deploying their parachutes. Once their parachutes were deployed, the team leader opened the large American Flag.

This was our last demo skydive of the 2019 season. We are still open for tandem skydives till Dec 8th.

If you are looking to make a tandem skydive in Virginia, we hope you choose us. We are the skydiving company that major sporting events use when they need the very best.


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