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Tandem Parachutes

No Limits Skydiving has chosen the industry leader of Tandem Parachute systems, “Strong Enterprises”. Strong Enterprises specializes in Tandem Skydiving Parachutes. They also maintain a strict training regimen for Tandem Instructors. To even attend a course to receive a instructors rating you must have at least 500 skydives, and that is to just take the first course.

The first official tandem skydive was made in January 1983 with Ted Strong as the tandem pilot and Ricky Meadows, an employee at Strong Enterprises, the “Student.” Two and a half years later and hundreds of experimental tandem skydives completed, Strong Enterprises developed the first tandem system for commercial use. They remain the most relied upon company for tandem skydiving equipment in the United States. In the process, further development produced major equipment innovations and advancements. In 1987, US Patent #4,746,084 was issued to Strong Enterprises for this original and pioneering work on three major tandem concepts. Commitment to development and innovation continues at Strong Enterprises every day in everything we do. We are the parachute company with imagination!

A skydive was recently made over Mt Everest, a tandem skydive. The skydivers that made that skydive used “Strong Enterprises” equipment. You might only make one skydive in your life. We hope you choose No Limits Skydiving to make that adventure a reality. We have chosen the leading manufacture of tandem skydiving equipment, Strong Enterprises.

Tandem Skydiving Parachute Safety

Strong Tandem skydiving parachutes have a long safety record. For this reason, we use Strong Tandem parachutes. Our gear is maintained by FAA certified parachute riggers, and is visually inspected before and after each jump to ensure that the parachute and all equipment is in good working order.

All skydiving systems for tandem skydiving have 2 skydiving parachutes, a main and a reserve. The main parachutes we use are either a Set 400 or Set 366 square foot parachute. Parachutes are generally good for approximately 500 jumps before they need to be replaced or relined. Every jump they are inspected before they are used again. The systems also have a reserve parachute that has to be inspected every 160 days by a certified FAA Rigger. There are multiple safety designs on our equipment. Every tandem reserve is equipped with a device called a Automatic Activation device or ADD. This computer is used to open the reserve parachute if it has not been deployed by a certain altitude, another back-up system that ensures the best possible safety. The great thing about making a tandem skydive is you are with a highly experienced instructor who knows every part of the equipment. Contact us if you have any further questions about our skydiving parachutes.

If you have questions about our parachutes, please give us a call.

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Skydiving Parachutes