Getting ready for skydiving season 2020

We are closed for skydiving until February 15th, but that doesn’t mean we are not still working hard. During the down time, we are busy getting everything ready for our 2020 skydiving season.

All of our equipment goes in for a complete inspection and reserve repacks. Every parachute system is taken apart and run through a complete system check to ensure the absolute safety of our guests and staff alike. This actually happens every 160 days with our parachutes.

Both of our planes are also given a complete inspection. One of our aircraft is having a new prop installed. Mostly we work on cosmetics for the inside since after use all year things get worn down. New carpet etc.. That way everything looks good for the new year.

Enjoy the Holidays and winter months. As soon as it warms up a bit,  come join us for a tandem skydive in Virginia at either of our locations. We also sell gift certificates for tandem skydiving, which are the perfect gift for any occasion!

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