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Skydiving Record Attempts in Virginia

There are many types of Skydiving Record Attempts that take place every year all over the country. The type of records vary greatly. The are records for the largest amount of skydivers at night, the longest wing suit dive and of course for the largest skydiver formation in free fall.

The largest formation is where a group of skydivers leave the plane and attempt to all hold hands in free fall. This is one of the most difficult type of records to attempt for a variety of reasons. This type of jump requires usually 4 to 5 large aircraft that are capable of reaching altitudes of up to 18,000 feet. They must also be able to contain oxygen due to being at high altitude for a prolong time.
The Virginia State record is currently 87 skydivers linked up in free fall at the same time. This record was completed at our West Point location in 2004. No Limits Skydiving is proud to operate its business out of the same airport this record was set at.
The most difficult item is making sure you have the best skydivers possible to be a part of these records. Our staff from No Limits Skydiving was on that State Record.

In 2016 skydivers from all over the country attempted to set a new record of 108 skydivers linked up. The record attempt was unsuccessful but came very close. The owner of No limits Skydiving was a part of this skydive also. Since he was a member of the record in 2004 he wanted to make sure he was a part of the new attempt.
Skydiving is a sport with many different types of jumps. No Limits Skydiving excels at Tandem Skydiving and taking people on their first jump from a perfectly good airplane. We hope to see you at either of our locations this year for your adventure of a lifetime!!


Indoor Skydiving, the new Tandem Skydive?

The modern industry of indoor skydiving is sweeping the nation. Vertical wind tunnels have enabled us to simulate skydiving without having to jump from a plane. Skydivers understand the idea because of the close relation to the sport. However to most of the population, the concept of flying your body in a wind tunnel is foreign.

How does indoor skydiving compare to jumping out of an airplane? Simply stated, indoor skydiving is simulating the freefall portion of a skydive. Participants learn to fly their bodies on a column of air which is synthetically produced inside a confined area. There are a number of similarities and differences between traditional skydiving and indoor skydiving.


“Does it feel like the real skydiving?” This question is often asked when people new to skydiving inquire about indoor skydiving. The answer is both yes and no, indoor skydiving feels like the freefall portion of a traditional skydive and the body control is the same. The thrill of jumping from an airplane, however, can’t be experienced without actually doing it! A traditional freefall portion of a skydive typical lasts between 45 and 60 seconds. Skydiving simulators have developed a way to take that same sensation and incorporate it into an indoor setting – without the time constraints. Just as skydiving, indoor facilities produce high-speed winds that allow participants to safely fly on a column of air.

Indoor Skydiving Influence on Skydiving

Indoor skydiving has revolutionized the sport of (outdoor) skydiving. As stated above, traditional freefall typically lasts anywhere from 45-60 seconds (this number can increase and decrease depending on the altitude in which the jumpers are exiting, and the chosen body orientation- see progression article for more information on avenues of flight). Tunnels now allow skydivers to focus on their flying skills in a smaller area for longer periods of time. Now what used to take jumpers tens of thousands of jumps and years of experience, can be learned in a fraction of that time. Skydivers are no longer limited to 60-second intervals/working time, they are able to fly for much longer. 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or even hours in one day if desired! Each minute flown is equivalent to a single skydive, you do the math! This is has been a phenomenal addition to the progression and future of this sport. Teams can now train for skydiving competitions and records for a fraction of the cost it would be to train in the sky. While wind tunnels significantly increase the talent of skydiver’s body flight – it does not train them to be more aware in the sky. Nor does it teach certain fundamental necessities that are required to be a safe skydiver such as canopy skills. Outdoor skydiving schools are still very much needed to train students on certain aspects of traditional skydiving.

Places to Skydive in Virginia Beach

With Virginia Beach being one of Virginia’s largest cities, there are all types of activity’s in the area. Of course the beach is the primary attraction where tourist flock to, but VA Beach has much more to offer.

The one thing you cant do in Virginia Beach is make a Tandem Skydive. No Limits Skydiving is the closest drop zone to the beach. Our West Point location is a easy drive down Interstate 64.  Being open 7 days a week we are the place to go for anyone who wants to try jumping from a perfectly good airplane. The staff of No Limits Skydiving is very familiar with VA beach. The owner was stationed in Norfolk for 4 years while serving in the US NAVY. While he was in the NAVY he spent a lot of his free time at the beach. When No Limits Skydiving was looking for a second location in Virginia, we concentrated on the Virginia Beach area. We searched for the airport closest to the beach, with a great view, and short driving distance. Skydiving at a airport in Virginia Beach would not be allowed due to flight restrictions around Norfolk and Newport News Airports. The FAA restricts certain air activity’s close to major airports. So No Limits Skydiving found the airport with the best possible views while in free fall, and is the shortest distance from Virginia beach. We found this skydiving location at West Point VA.

We have fixed up our office at West Point to make sure you have the best time possible. We  have everything from TV to Video Game systems to play while you fill out paper work.  Making a skydiving at West Point with No Limits Skydiving will put you in good company. West Point is one the first airports on the East Coast that had a skydiving club. So skydiving has been taking place here near VA Beach since the 70’s.  No Limits Skydiving continues that tradition of skydiving for people in Virginia Beach. The summer only last a few months but you can skydive near Virginia beach all year long. We hope to see you soon for your first Tandem Skydive soon.