Skydiving Tips

If you’re reading this you are probably doing research about making your first skydive. Skydiving is fun and a great thrill but with a little advice it can be event better. Here are some tandem skydiving tips before making a tandem skydive. Tandem Skydiving Tips: Seasons With Virginia having all four seasons you should also think about what time of the year you want to skydive. We are open all year to take you skydiving. Each season has something different to enjoy while skydiving. In the summer time its fun to jump at west Point and watch all the boats on the river while under canopy. In the Fall time the leaves changing color are awesome at both locations. Virginia has many outdoor activities to engage in, but nothing can compare with “Skydiving in Virginia” We hope to take you skydiving soon. Tandem Skydiving Tips: All Skydiving Schools Are Not the Same Making a tandem skydive is a once in a lifetime…

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End of 2012 Skydiving Season

The saying goes all good things comes to an end. This is true for the 2012 skydiving season. This weekend, was our last skydiving weekend for the year and for the season. We want to thank all of the people who chose to make their first skydive with us this year. We’d like to give a big thanks to the many people who came back for a second jump and brought friends. It’s awesome when friends help each other share the love of skydiving. As we think back to the many memories we shared with our many new skydiving friends, we’d like to give special thanks to a few groups that we’ll remember for a long time including the newlywed couple from Raleigh, The Make-A-Wish foundation, the 3 bikers from Roanoke, the sorority sisters who camped out in our landing area, Patsy (best 75th birthday ever), and lastly the many soldiers from Fort Picket. There were so many people and…

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Great Weekend Of Skydiving

Thanks to the many people who came to both of our locations this weekend for a great weekend of skydiving. The weather was great. The fun at the Victoria location got started early with a couple early tandem skydives. The West Point crew capitalized on the weather and gave Sarah from Hampton a birthday she’ll never forget. Thanks Sarah, I think we had as much fun as you did.

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RIR NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Demo Jump

The No Limits Skydiving Demo team successfully completed another Sprint NASCAR demo jump at Richmond International Raceway for the spring Sprint Series race. The weather wasn’t as good as the prior day’s jump. The forecast called for rain and clouds 2500-5000. Fortunately, the rain held off and the clouds stayed out of the way. Right on time, the three skydivers jumped from a Cessna 182 from 3200 feet over top of turn four. For this skydive one jumper brought in the American flag which give the other two skydivers the opportunity to fly over the track and put on a great show for the 50,000 race fans in the stands. After landing, the team walked past the cars where the drivers were getting into their cars. After posing for photos and shaking hands with well-wishers, the jumpers turned into big NASCAR fans and watched the race. The next time you are at the race and see some people getting to…

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RIR NASCAR Nationwide Series Demo Jump

The No Limits Skydiving Demo team successfully completed their first NASCAR demo jump of the year at Richmond International Raceway for the spring Nationwide Series race. The weather was perfect for the jump. The team took off from Hanover Airport about 25 minutes before the scheduled jump time of 7:23. For this jump there were three jumpers. One with smoke, one with the track flag and the last skydiver with the big American flag. All three made perfect landings on target to the cheering crowd. This jump was broadcast live on ESPN2 on NASCAR Countdown.

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