See What People Have to Say About Their Experience With No Limits Skydiving

I didn’t realize the impact jumping out of an airplane would have on my life. No Limits Skydiving’s expert staff put my fears at ease and I now realize that at 40 years old, my adventure is just beginning. I recommend everyone do this at least once.

Juliana Feyen

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to thank the staff of No Limits Skydiving for an unforgettable skydiving experience! As a first-time skydiver, I was full of both expectations – and nerves.

My nerves were quickly calmed after discovering my tandem instructor has completed thousands of tandem jumps in his career – all accident-free! It was not long before I was completing a dream by jumping out of a plane, and all expectations were exceeded!

The plane ride to altitude was my worst fear, but this unique staff kept me engaged, assured and entertained the entire time. The free-fall was a rush I will never forget; as you fall you can watch the skyline disappear!! The parachute ride to the ground proved to be my favorite feature of the skydive; a surreal contrast to the unbelievable free-fall, the canopy ride was a chance to take in both your completed accomplishment, and the most beautiful panoramic views you will ever see!!!!

The staff is in large part responsible for making this once-in-a-lifetime experience safe, exciting, and a sheer thrill from start to finish. After convincing some friends, I cannot wait to return for my second jump!

Sara Canastar

Matt, thank you so much for the skydive! Our whole group had a great time and many of us are coming back to do this again. It’s all we have talked about since the weekend, and I still have that rush, days later. Bobby had us laughing so much the whole time on the ground while getting ready for the jump, that when it came time to actually go, I really wasn’t nervous! Thanks again, and see you again soon. Blue Skies.

Neil Timmons