Pricing & Discounts

How much does it cost to go skydiving in Virginia?

Though the average cost of a tandem skydive in this area is $250, No Limits Skydiving™ provides tandem jumps starting at $215. From the gear, to the plane, to the cost of qualified Instructors, a skydive can be costly. With safety being the main priority, there is no cutting corners in this business. No Limits Skydiving™ takes all skydiving safety precautions very seriously. We have done a few things to be able to offer tandem skydives at a lower price than our competitors, including staying open 7 days a week.

Thinking of giving a special someone the gift of skydiving? Trust us when we say that a skydiving gift certificate may be the most memorable present that he or she will receive. Learn how you can purchase a No Limits Skydiving™ Gift Certificate below:

Tandem Skydiving Gift Certificates

Tandem Skydiving Price


  • Short training session
  • All gear such as jumpsuits, helmets, goggles included
  • 20 minute plane ride
  • 50 seconds of freefall
  • 6 to 8 minute parachute ride
  • First Jump Certificate
  • FREE Skydiving Bumper Sticker

Sunset Tandem Skydiving Price


  • Short training session
  • All gear such as jumpsuit’s, helmets, goggles included
  • 20 minute plane ride
  • 50 seconds of freefall
  • 6 to 8 minute parachute ride
  • First Jump Certificate
  • FREE Skydiving Bumper Sticker
  • Under parachute as the sun sets over the horizon- the most breathtaking view you might ever come across

Skydiving Video Price (Optional)


  • Video of your entire skydive
  • Camera starts rolling as you climb into the plane, and ends at landing
  • We will document everything under parachute
  • Receive your video on the same day

Tandem Skydiving Discounts

Groups of 4 or more

Call for pricing. Bring your friends and save some cash.

010Groups of 9 or more

Call for pricing. Looking for the perfect activity for you and your friends? Whether part of a bachelor or bridesmaid group, or a team-building event for your employees, parties of 9 or more qualifies for one FREE tandem.

Birthday week*

Save $5! Make a skydive within 7 days of your birthday.

Active Military*

Save $5! No Limits Skydiving™ would like to thank all active duty military for their service.

*Save an additional $5 when purchasing a video of your jump. Additional discount applies for anyone who qualifies for Birthday or Military discounts only.

Why Our Tandem Skydiving Cost is Lower

  1. We are open 7 days a week. Most skydiving schools are only open on weekends, or a few days a week, but we are taking people on tandem skydives every day. Since we are open more often, we are able to take more customers for a jump. This enables us to spread the overhead cost between more people, giving you a lower cost for your skydive.
  2. We only offer tandem skydives and only serve people who are making their first skydive. The skydiving schools that allow licensed jumpers to skydive at their location usually spend more money to keep the experienced skydivers happy. They have to provide them with a seat on the plane, a place to relax after their jump, and pay for equipment for them to use. This all costs them money and makes your tandem skydive more costly.
  3. No Limits Skydiving™ is 100% for you, your family and your friends. Our entire place is dedicated to make sure you have a great time. We have large flat screen TVs to watch the video of your skydive after you land. By concentrating on tandem skydives, we are able to spend our money on you, rather than licensed skydivers. This keeps overhead costs lower so the skydiving cost of your tandem skydive is lower.
  4. We offer discounts for military, groups of 4 or more, and those celebrating a birthday week.

The Cost for Skydiving Companies

There are some random costs associated with Tandem Skydiving. All skydiving schools are regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration, who sets rules on aircraft safety and inspections that every company must follow. All of our planes go through a complete inspection every 100 hours.

There is no set cost with inspections, but the usual fee for inspectors is $75 an hour. Our tandem parachute rigs are bought from a company called Strong Enterprises. The cost of one Tandem Rig Parachute System is $12,000. Every Tandem Rig must be inspected every 6 months, which usually costs around $100 for a Master Rigger to do a complete inspection. Fuel prices are another big overhead cost for drop zone owners, with an increase in the cost of fuel over the last few years. A gallon of AV Gas for aircraft is currently around $5.25.