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Skydiving Lexington VA

As you probably know, there isn’t a skydiving drop zone in Lexington Virginia. We are the only drop zone that specifically caters to Lexington. We offer Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) skydives and tandem skydives. You don’t need any experience. We will give you all of the training you need and have all of the equipment available.

The dropzone is located at:

634 Airport Rd, Victoria, VA 23974

From Lexington, VA it’s approximately 130 miles or a little more than 2 hours to the dropzone.

Directions from Lexington VA

  • Take E Nelson St/US-60
  • Continue to follow US-60 32.8 mi
  • At the traffic circle, take the 2nd exit onto E Lexington Ave/US-60
  • Continue to follow US-60 36.2 mi
  • Turn right at US-15 16.5 mi
  • Take the ramp to US-15 E/US-460 E 282 ft
  • Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Keysville/US-15 S/Petersburg/US-460 E and merge onto US-15 E/US-460 E
  • Continue to follow US-460 E 19.6 mi
  • Take the ramp onto US-360/US-460
  • Continue to follow US-460 5.7 mi
  • Turn right at The Falls Rd/VA-49
  • Continue to follow VA-49 15.1 mi
  • Continue on Main St/VA-40
  • Continue to follow VA-40 3.6 mi
  • Turn right at Airport Rd/VA-736

Get ready to skydive! If you have questions about making a tandem skydive, check-out our tandem skydiving FAQ.

lexington va

The City of Lexington, originally known as Gilbert Campbell’s Ford, was established as the town of Lexington in the Spring of 1778. The name chosen by the Virginia Legislature for the new county seat was in honor of the first great battle of the Revolutionary War, the battle of Lexington, Massachusetts, which had occurred three years earlier.

The City of Lexington was incorporated in 1841 and almost from the beginning its main industry was education. Liberty Hall Academy was established in 1790 just to the west of the town. When George Washington made a sizable gift to the college’s endowment, the institution’s name was changed to Washington College so as to honor the nation’s first president. At the end of the Civil War the presidency of the college was offered to General Robert E. Lee who presided over it for the five years preceding his death. Shortly thereafter the trustees renamed the school Washington & Lee University.

Skydiving Lexington VA
As noted above, if you want to go skydiving In Emporia VA you'll have to drive a ways? There isn't a skydiving dropzone in Lexington. Give us a call if you have any questions. Don't forget about our gift certificates.