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Skydiving In North Carolina

Thinking going skydiving in North Carolina for the first time? We love first-time jumpers, especially people from North Carolina. Our staff goes the extra mile to help first time skydivers feel safe, relaxed and comfortable. Each of our tandem and AFF instructor have are licensed by the United States Parachute Association (USPA). All of our parachutes and other equipment are maintained by FAA certified parachute riggers. If you are thinking about skydiving, give us a call at 434-532-6570. We will make your jump something you’ll never forget.

How We Help First Time Jumpers

  • Low Prices (lowest within 200 miles)
  • Discounts for weekday jumps
  • Friendly and experienced staff
  • Every question answered before your jump
  • Personalized attention from instructors
  • Discount T-shirts
  • Only 4 jumpers to get a group discount
  • Sunset Skydives!
No Limits Skydiving is centrally located just across the North Carolina/Virginia state line. We have a new hanger built in 2009, with everything you need, even a place to sleep and showers. Fun and friendly people, and bonfires at night. When you’re ready to go skydiving in North Carolina, we’ll see you at the drop zone.

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Skydiving In North Carolina
Are you ready to go skydiving in North Carolina? Exit, freefall, check your altimeter as you fall to earth at 120 MPH, deploy your parachute, and then experience the elation after having completed your first skydive. This could be you. We jump 7 days a week!

The dropzone is located at 634 Airport Rd, Victoria, VA 23974.