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Tandem Parachutes

No Limits Skydiving uses Tandem Parachutes developed by Strong Enterprises. Strong Enterprises has built skydiving equipment and parachutes for for 25 years. They are well known to be the leader in skydiving technology.

The company is the main supplier of civilian tandem equipment along and is use all around the world. Strong also supplies the United States Military with much of their parachute technology. They are responsible for the military’s emergency parachutes along with their cargo delivery chutes.

Strong Enterprises tandem parachutes were used in a special skydive made over Mt. Everest in 2008. Strong Tandem parachutes where also selected to for a world record tandem skydiving attempt in 2009. The goal was to make the most tandem skydives in 24 hours. If Strong tandem parachutes can be used to set a world record, it’s great equipment.

When you are going to jump from a perfectly good plane always use the best. This is why at No Limits Skydiving we use Strong Enterprises tandem systems.

(Photo: Billy Porter)

Tandem Parachutes